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Important Facts

You Car Your Choice! You have the right to choose the shop you want to repair your vehicle.

Truth is most insurance companies that refer you to their "Preferred Shop" work with that shop because there is a major financial benefit for them. This usually means lower quality parts, repair procedures, and poorer customer service. That shop need to please the insurance company Not You. So if you want you car fixed right Say No to their shop and yes to quality. They may tell you that their preferred shop is the only on that they can give a warrantee. So yes they may not guarantee our work but WE DO!

We work FOR YOU and WITH your insurance company. This means we always do what's right for you and you car. We use Original parts from your vehicles manufacturer whenever possible. We have always offered a lifetime warrantee. We restore your car to pre accident condition every time. Come meet our friendly staff!

Tremonton Body Shop

Allred Auto Body L.L.C. is a Tremonton body shop that was founded with one goal in mind: to provide courteous, professional and unparallelled customer service and workmanship to residents of the Tremonton area...

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Lifetime Warrantee

Allred Auto Body has always provided a lifetime warrantee on all work performed for as long as you own your vehicle