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Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

The glass on your vehicle is meant to be able to sustain a reasonable amount of abuse and regular wear and tear, but it is by no means indestructible. Even the smallest piece of gravel, given the right speed can leave you with a nasty chip in your windshield that may very well spread and soon become a hazard and major inconvenience. But 'natural' incidents aside, vandalism and accidents can leave you with even more dire situations, including broken windows that will leave your vehicle vulnerable and put you and your passengerís safety at risk.


We has been repairing and replacing windows and windshields on all types of vehicles, big and small, for years. We are experts at finding the right windows and windshield for your type and make of vehicle and have an inventory on site , which means that we can usually replace your broken glass components quickly . We also have all the tools and the knowledge needed to efficiently repair minor damage and get you on your way quickly and in an affordable manner.


Glass repair and replacement does not have to be a tedious and expensive affair. We will even handle all insurance paperwork and reports for you, and clean your vehicle thoroughly to ensure that no harmful sliver of glass remains. We take pride in our work, and our priority is the safety, well-being and satisfaction of our customers. This is why we strive to work quickly, efficiently and with an attention to detail that we believe is important in ensuring the quality of our work.


We also offer our customers a free safety inspection with insurance windshield replacement and can waive up to $100.00 off your Glass deductible!